Why Nepal?

Why do our products originate from Nepal?

All Rinchen  Tsomo products are sourced from Nepal, because I feel connected and have had over
21 years of long-lasting and profound bonds with the beautiful, spiritual Nepal and its people. Nepal
is one of the poorest countries in Asia and there have been few changes in terms of its social and
economic progress. However, I was and am still amazed with the joy, kindness, acceptance and
adaptable nature that the people of Nepal display.

Besides, Nepali products possess a high quality of craftsmanship; I have found that they are true
masters of their skills and are a joy to work with. I incorporate their skills in my own vision and
design. It is especially meaningful for me to do business with Nepal, as it means we help enable small
scale manufacturing setups to sustain themselves.

Rinchen Tsomo also commits to help Nepal and we donate a portion of our sales to “Help In Action” (HIA)
a non-profit organization that aids improverished areas in the Himalayas. 

I have been a volunteer and sponsor of a child through HIA for many years and have seen for
myself first hand the direct benefits the kids receive from the HIA sponsorship. With HIA assistance,
parents can work and their children get a valuable education at a good school. The HIA organization
also sees that primary needs like food and shelter are met for the whole family of a sponsored child,
so that the sponsored money goes a long way. Rinchen Tsomo directly opposes Child Labor and
as a mother in a prosperous country, I champion the value of education and the joys of childhood,
therefore the manufacturers I work with do not employ children.